Lucas County’s eight 911 emergency call centers, including Sylvania Township’s, will be merged into one operation based on a recent vote of representatives of municipalities and townships in the county.

The 4-1 vote marked the end of a period of sometimes-contentious debate over the consolidation plan and the beginning of its implementation which is expected to take about 18 months,

Under Ohio law, one vote is allocated to the county’s largest city (Toledo), one to the county itself. one to the largest township (Sylvania Township), and one to all the other townships as a group and one to the other municipalities as a group.

The dissenting vote was cast by Springfield Township trustee Andy Glenn. He said he knew of some jurisdictions which can’t afford to pay what they will be responsible for under the proposed cost-sharing plan for a central dispatching operation.

He also argued that bylaws should be established before the proposed council of governments is formed to oversee the creation of the new agency.

John Jennewine, Sylvania Township trustee who cast the township’s vote, said he understood the misgivings of some, but hoped that everyone will work cooperatively to make the system a success,

He added that studying the plan for consolidation as it has developed over the past year has led him to the conclusion that the result will be an operation which will improve service for most county residents and will be accomplished with greater efficiency.

He praised Sylvania Township’s call takers and dispatchers and said they’ll add to the work ethic of any group they join.

Under the consolidation of services, all current employees of dispatch offices will be offered jobs under new contracts which will have to be negotiated as part of the steps needed to implement consolidation.

According to documents compiled in the consolidation process, Sylvania Township has a current annual budget of $1.1 million for dispatch services which will be reduced to slightly more than $350,000 as its share of costs to the new agency.


Posted: December 19, 2019

Written by: Mike Jones, Public Information Officer

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