Leaf Pickup Hot Line 419-517-1620 (fall season only)
Call the Hot Line for daily and weekly route information.

The Fall Season Leaf Pickup starts the 3rd Monday in October and continues through the end of November, performed on a patrol basis. The LAST LEAF PICKUP CYCLE starts on December 8th. One cycle through the Township requires 17(+/-) days, and then crews start over again performing additional cycles. Depending on weather conditions, our goal is to perform at least three (3) pickup cycles.  Leaves should be placed at the curb side or along the edge of the street, free of brush and garden waste allowing our crews to work efficiently.  Crews are unable to pickup leaves mixed with brush and other items.  PLEASE DO NOT PLACE LEAVES IN THE STREET OR IN PLASTIC BAGS.
Other Drop-Off Locations in the area:
   -A&J Landscape, 419-842-8733, 8061 Sylvania Avenue, between King Road and Centennial Road 
   -CleanWood Recycling, 419-843-9663, 6505 West Bancroft Street, between Interstate I-475 and McCord Road.  
 Leaf Pickup Hot Line: 419-517-1620
Leaf Pickup Facts:
The Township’s leaf pickup program services 131 miles of residential roads, 32 miles of County roads and 10 miles of State Highways, totaling 173 miles of roadways. Our community’s landscape consists of largely wooded areas. (Sylvania is Latin for “Wooded Area”)

These trees are very beautiful and a true nature’s jewel, until the leaves drop and fall to the ground. Unfortunately, Mother Nature decides when the leaves fall, and some years the leaves drop late in the season and all at once. The “soft wood” trees drop their leaves the earliest. As the leaves fall, the Road Department devotes its entire staff to operate 5 crews during the leaf pickup season. 
Each crew consists of two (2) full time employees and one (1) or two (2) part time/temporary employees. Early snowfalls and above average rain are two factors that spell trouble for leaf pickup. These attributes cause the leaves to become saturated and “heavy” to pick up, thus causing inefficiencies. Our preferred and most efficient method of picking up leaves is utilizing “vacuum tow behind” type of equipment. Recently, we hired private contractors with front loader buckets and dump trucks to assist our leaf pickup efforts. We are aware that it is frustrating waiting for your neighborhood pickup and appreciate your patience.

The average truck hauls 14 cubic yards of leaves and the average leaf pickup season produces 1800 truck loads. We encourage residents to log on to our web page, - News, for schedule updates.

Leaf Pickup Hot Line 419-517-1620 (fall season only)  
The LAST LEAF PICKUP CYCLE starts on the Monday after Thanksgiving Holiday weekend.
Road Department crews will start the Leaf Pickup Program on the 3rd Monday in October traveling in the following directions:   
1. Crews start in the northeast part of the Township along the Alexis Road & Whiteford Road corridor.

2. Next, crews will travel south on Whiteford Road to Monroe Street, and Corey Road to Central Avenue.

3. Finally, crews will travel westward between the main arterial roadways of:
•Reynolds Road to Holland Sylvania
•McCord Road to King Road
•Centennial Road to the western limit

This completes one-cycle and requires an estimated 17-day period.  The next cycle repeats the above pattern. The LAST LEAF PICKUP CYCLE starts on December 8th.

Helpful items that residents can do to assist in the Leaf Pickup Program:

The most important suggestion is to separate leaves from grass clippings, brush, and other debris.

Place your leaves along the side of the street as close to the edge of the roadway as possible, without being in the street.

Place your leaves away from obstacles such as mailboxes, fire hydrants, landscaping timbers and landscaping rocks. These obstacles become hidden in the leaf piles and can cause injury to our employees.

Prior to raking your leaves or scheduling your lawn service, log on to our web page and see the latest leaf pickup schedule.

Keep in mind other drop-off Locations in the area; this list is currently being updated.



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