Sylvania Township trustees are seeking applicants for appointment to the board of the Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority.
Susan Wood, assistant township administrator, said applications from those who would like to represent the township on the board should have applications submitted by August 31.
An application can be obtained on the township's website.
The appointment is for three years and it effective October 31.
Posted: 7/11/2014 
Mercy Health System has chosen Sylvania Township as the location for its first facility in the western portion of Lucas County.
It will build a free-standing emergency and diagnostic facility at King Road and Central Avenue, the site of the former Central Elementary School. That building will be replaced by a single-story brick and glass structure which will be in operation 24-hours a day, every day.
Dr. Imran Andrabi, chief operating officer of Mercy, standing at the site noted what he called the "bustle," of the area and mentioned its activity and growth.
He said Mercy determined generally that they wanted a site for emergency care to the west to serve not only the immediate area, but also those from Springfield Township, Swanton, Metamora, or Fayette who might need emergency care.
He also motioned toward the now-vacant former school building and said the move was very special for him, because three of his children had graduated from the old Central.
The property was purchased for $2.25 million from Sylvania Schools late last year, although the identity of the buyer was kept a secret until it was officially announced recently.
The total cost of the new 18,000-sq.-ft. facility is expected to be about $14.3 million. It will have 12 examination rooms, a laboratory and an imaging center.
Dr. Chris Goliver, medical director at a similar Mercy facility which opened in Perrysburg 8 months ago, will also be the medical director at the Sylvania facility.
He said four physicians will be hired soon to prepare to work in the township building and critical care nurses, technicians and others will be hired closer to the actual opening.
It is anticipated that the school building will be razed and construction will begin by the fall. The facility could be in full operation about one year later.
Daryl Graus, manager of the office of planning and zoning for Sylvania Township, said a drawing of the outline of the building on the site has already been approved.
He said that although the name of the entity had not been revealed, the diagram was approved because it met or exceeded township requirements for a building on the site.
Dennis Sherry, regional vice president for strategic planning for the health system, acknowledged that geography was an overall driving factor in the location, but that it was specifically in Sylvania Township was "absolutely," a plus.
He praised the cooperation by the planning and zoning office and the overall reputation of the township for working well with beginning ventures.
He also noted the high regard in which the fire department is held, in that the emergency facility will be working often with the department's emergency medical technicians.
The new facility will handle medical issues just as they would be dealt with in the emergency area of a full-service hospital. In the event that surgery or a hospital admission is necessary, patients will be treated, stabilized and transported, officials said.
Posted: 7/23/2014
Fire Levy
Sylvania Township trustees, by a 2-1 vote have decided to put a 1.5 mill levy request for fire department operations on the November ballot.
The levy is meant to raise about $1.81 million annually. It is needed in part to allow the department to make up for a deficit of $1.6 million projected for department operations in 2016.
The vote againt putting the measure before the voters was from John Jennewine.
Mr. Jennewine praised the department generally and its leadership in particular, but said he questioned a contractually-required hiring of two firefighters if the department should expand its role in transporting patients.
John Crandall, trustee, said that if the levy doesn't pass, the trustees won't be talking about hiring two more firefighters, but according to a report detailing the need for a levy, they would be discussing laying off three from the current department.
Trustee Neal Mahoney said the department needs additional funding and that the November ballot is a time to find out the community's view of the department.
He said that in an election which will include a vote for governor, all political stripes will be out.
Prior to the trustees' discussion, Richard Bitter, recounted an incident in December in which police broke into his car and they "found me clinically dead."
He credits the Sylvania Township fire department's quick response and their medical attention with saving his life. He added that he was told by his cardiologist that it is rare for someone who had been in his condition to survive without a lasting disability.
He urged trustees to put the issue to the public. "Let the people of the township decide," he said.
Posted: 7/23/2014  
The front yards of a lot of Sylvania Township homes may look a mess on September 7th.
That will be the day before the township will conduct a collection of leaves and brush as well as its annual collection of unwanted household items.
Trustees have approved a contract with Stevens Disposal & Recycling for the upcoming household pickup.
The firm, which did the job last year, bid $210 per ton for the work.
All items to be collected should be on the curb or the edge of the street on September 7th, the day before pickup is scheduled to begin, to avoid being missed.
The project is a one-time sweep through the township.
The household items which will be collected are limited to washers, dryers, stoves, dishwashers, furniture, bundled books and magazines, empty 55-gal. drums, toys, bikes, empty containers, carpeting, mattresses and bed springs, and small, loose material placed in a disposable container, other than plastic bags.
Leaves and brush will also be collected in a one-time sweep through the township. Leaves should be separated from brush and should not be in plastic bags.
Brush should be limited to items no more than 6 ft. length and 6 inches in diameter.
Posted: 7/22/2014
Housing Permits
The number of permits issued for single-family houses continues to increase in Sylvania Township, according to Daryl Graus, manager of planning and zoning department.
Mr. Graus reported at a recent meeting of the trustees that the number of permits issued in June was 11. That brought the total to 52 through the first six months of the year.
At the same time last year, the township had issued 42 permits for the construction of single-family homes and the total for the entire year of 2013 reached 81.
That handily beat the total of 50 for all of 2012, and that had been the most issued since 2007.
So far,"it's been a pretty good year," Mr. Graus told trustees.
Posted: 7/17/2014
A constuction of a new roundabout at King and Brint roads is nearing completion, another is beginning construction in the western part of the township.
The intersection of Mitchaw and Sylvania-Metamora roads will be closed as the new traffic system is installed. Construction is expected to take about 45 days.
The traffic-control systems are said the be safer and more efficient in most cases than the more usual stop-and-go systems controlled by lights or signs, according to the Lucas County engineer's office.
Posted: 7/11/2014 
Fire Funding
Sylvania Township will forward details of a potential 1.5 mill levy for the fire department to the Lucas County Auditor's office in a step necessary before voting to place it on the November ballot.
The measure passed 2-1 with John Jennewine, trustee chairman, voting against the issue.
He said during the trustees' meeting which resulted in the vote, that he had nothing negative to say about the service provided by the department, but he still had questions about staffing and finances and that he wasn't comfortable with the potential levy request.
Dave Simko, chief fiscal officer of the township, said the amount of the levy was determined after several possible situations were considered.
The amount, he said, was determined by the future needs of the department, the possibility of instituting a partial program of patient transport, and the need for consistent reliable funding.
If the department begins patient transport if will only be when a life squad or a private ambulance service isn't available to take the run in a reasonable amount of time.
The township's contract with the firefighters' union calls for hiring two additional personnel if patient transport is instituted.
Neal Mahoney, trustee, said it is important for voters to recognize that the levy request isn't for "bells and whistles," but for core business of the department.
He said the levy is based on need brought through the growth of the township and its calls for service both now and in the future.
The current projected budget for the Sylvania Township Fire Department shows a deficit of $1.2 million in 2016.
Although the issue will now go to the county auditor's office for certification, John Zeitler, township administrator, said that if passed the levy would cost the owner of a home valued at $150,000 home about $78 or $79 annually.
Posted: 7/11/2014
Sheilah McAdams, a former law director for Maumee, has been hired by Sylvania Township trustees to handle any legal issues which might arise and create a conflict for the Lucas County prosecutor's office.
The township has a contract with the prosecutor's office to act as its legal representative.
John Zeitler, township administrator, didn't site anything specific but said if something came up involving the county, the prosecutor's office would represent the county commissioners and would not be able to represent the township.
He noted Ms. McAdams experience in governmental law and recommended that she be hired at a rate of $180 per hour. In response to a question from trustee chairman John Jennewine, the administrator said there would be no specific cap on what Ms. McAdams might earn, but that trustees would always have to approve any work in advance.
Ms. McAdams told the board that she began work as an assistant prosecutor in 1979 for Maumee, had become assistant law director and then law director before leaving in 2012.
She said she is semi-retired, but is employed by Spencer Township under an agreement similar to what is now her agreement with Sylvania Township.
Posted: 5/21/2014
Possible Levy Request
Sylvania Township trustees will likely vote at their next regular meeting July 1 on whether or not to ask residents for a levy to support the fire department in the November election.
Budget projections show that if there are no changes, the fire department will have a $1.2 million deficit in 2016.
At the most recent trustee meeting, there were discussions on issues such as manpower needs for commercial building fire inspections and the possibility of the fire department transporting patients to a hospital in non-emergency situations if the wait for a private ambulance is deemed too long.
John Zeitler, township administrator, told the trustees that he would have a recommendation concerning a possible levy for the July 1 meeting.
If trustees decide to seek a levy, the request to get on the ballot must be made to the Lucas County Board of Elections by Aug. 6.
Posted: 6/23/2014
New Signal
The Sylvania Township road department has installed a traffic signal at Corey Road and Springbrook Drive, not due to the danger of intersecting vehicles, but to make crossing Corey to and from Wildwood Metropark a safer route for runners, bicyclists, walkers and others using the secondary entrance to the park.
Gregory Huffman, Sylvania Township public works manager, said he had been approached by area residents asking if the area could be made more safe for the many people who use that entrance, just south of Springbrook.
He said that after consulting with the Lucas County engineer's office it was determined that a light could be installed which would alert motorists on Corey that there were people who were ready to cross the busy roadway.
Mr. Huffman said signs noting the likelihood of pedestrian traffic were erected on both sides of Corey at the site. Flashing, yellow LED lights can be activated by those wishing to cross to increase visibility.
The lights are completely powered by solar energy collected by cells on the signals.
Total installation was about $5,000, Mr. Huffman said, with funds coming from the road and bridge fund.
Posted: 6/30/2014 
Yard Work
Several yards which have created neighborhood nuisances will be improved soon as the result of action taken by the Sylvania Township board of trustees.
Daryl Graus, planning and zoning manager for the township, said the properties have been the subject of resident complaints and that he had inspected them to determine that they fell within the guidelines to allow the township to act.
He said debris in yards was at the center of some complaints, but that most had to do with uncut grass and weeds.
The properties are: 5954 Blossman, 4911 Courville, 4145 Forestlawn, 3210 and 3226 McCord, 3415 Zone, and 5661, 5723 and 5713 Mallard Pointe. The latter three are vacant lots, Mr. Graus noted.
Work on the properties will be done by Barron's Lawn Service and a bill will be sent to the property owners. If it's not paid within 30 days the amount will be forwarded to the Lucas County Auditor's office to be placed on the tax duplicate for work done on the properties.
Posted: 6/20/2014
Bids for Road Projects
Bids will be opened June 11 for several projects scheduled this year by the Sylvania Township road department. Streets to be resurfaced and scheduled for August are Gradwohl Road between Bancroft St. and Holstein Road, Central Park West, Sunbreeze Trail, Porsha Dr., and Theresa Trail, and High Oaks, and North Oak and South Oak courts. Total cost for those projects is estmated at $800,000, with about 45 percent covered by state grants. Other streets scheduled to be resurfaced in August are Sylvan Green, Fairway Lane, Miakonda Trail, Towpath Lane, Princess and White Birch. Cost of those projects is estimated at about $160,000, and will be paid for through the township road and bridge fund.
In addition to resurfacing work, the township will implement several drainage projects. The Hasty Road Culvert replacement project is scheduled for this summer. Three culverts will be replaced on Hasty Road near Central Avenue. Hasty Road will be closed during the daytime with detours posted. Although the total cost has not yet been determined, the project will be paid by the Lucas County Storm Utility District Fund.
Township crews will also be working on log jam removals from Ten Mile Creek near Herr Road. Work will be performed by township crews. Storm sewer replacement projects are also scheduled from August to October: Calvin, Janet, and Estess avenues. Intermittent, temporary road closures are expected during the daytime. The cost is estimated at about $263,000 and will be paid by Lucas County Storm Utility District Fund.
Posted: 6/13/2014
Fire Department Report
The draft report of the Fire Department Review will be discussed at the meeting of the Sylvania Township trustees June 17th at 6:00 p.m.
Trustees have asked that any comments from township residents or entities be submitted by they for consideration in the discussion.
The draft is a report on the current status and activites of the department and a look at options for its future. Budget projections show a need for additional revenue in 2016 and beyond.
Trustees hope to get a clear picture of what the community wants the department to be in the future and then determine the economics necessary to achieve that.
A number of organizations have been sent a copy of the report and it is available HERE.
If a levy is sought, details must be submitted to the Lucas County Board of Elections by August 6.
Posted: 6/5/2014
Sylvania Township trustees have approved the rezoning of a 40-acre property on Central Avenue for a proposed 214-unit apartment complex.
The issue had raised concerns from area residents about the increase in traffic on what was described as a busy and dangerous stretch of Central, as well as the effect of the project on an area already prone to flooding.
Redwood Development Co., of Cleveland, was granted a change in zoning from agricultural to a residential planned unit development for most of the property. A portion of the land along Central which had been zoned for commercial use is now commercial planned unit development.
Redwood officials said there are no plans for any commercial use along that area.
The apartments, between Centennial and Crissey roads, have been described as luxury and are expected to rent for about $1,300 per month.
They are meant for people 55 years old and older and are designed with no steps, either in the units or as a means of entering or leaving them. All with wide doorways and two-car garages.
The change in zoning has been recommended for approval, unanimously by the Lucas County Plan Commission, and by a 3-2 vote by the Sylvania Township Zoning Commission.
The trustees' approval was by a 2-1 vote. John Crandall and Neal Mahoney voted in favor of the change, while Chairman John Jennewine voted against it.
During the discussion of the matter, Mr. Jennewine had noted the real concerns residents had brought to meeting concerning the project.
He noted concerns about traffic on Central Avenue saying that there had been five fatal accidents over six years within a mile of the proposed entrance to the development. He also said that the apartments are planned for "the heart of our worst flooding."
Mr. Jennewine added that Redwood Development appeared to be a fine company which build good projects and managed them well, but concerns were valid.
George Oravecz, an engineer representing Redwood, noted that the development will have five aerated ponds which will act as water retention ponds when rains hit the area.
He said Lucas County Engineers' office has agreed that the development will not add to flooding problems in the area. In addition to the ponds, he said, the 40-acre site will be graded in such a way the slope will keep water in the development and collect some from neighboring ground.
He contended that rather than adding to flooding problems in the area, the apartment complex will act to alleviate it.
As to the traffic on Central Avenue, Mr. Oravecz said the builder has agreed to establish a right-turn deceleration lane for east-bound traffic and they will also establish a left-turn lane into the development for west-bound traffic.
Another concern of residents is the possibility of apartment dwellers using Marci Drive into their neighborhood as a cut-through adding traffic in that residential area.
Mr. Oravecz said the entrance/exit to Marci Drive is necessitated as a secondary means to the apartments for emergency vehicles. He said the developer is willing to post it as one-way street for only emergency use or to put up a type of barrier which would discourage motorists, but allow an emergency vehicle to enter without damage.
Developers intend to begin construction likely by the end of summer and said it is possible that all three phases of building can be completed as soon as nine months later.
Posted: 6/9/2014
Fire Department
A draft copy of  a review of the Sylvania Township Fire Department has been prepared and is being made available to entities and individuals in the Sylvania community.
The full report is available at Hot Topics.
John Zeitler, township administrator, said the report, provides a statistical overview of the fire department from which a consensus can be found concerning its future needs.
He said the comments and concerns of those who read the draft report will be considered in the preparation of the final report.
Budget projections show a need for additional revenue in the calendar year 2016 a beyond.
The last fire levy was 1.25 mills approved by voters in 2008. It was anticipated to produce $1.86 million per year, but fell short of that amount. It generated approximately $1.525 annually due to a lowering of tax valuations of both personal and commercial property.
Despite that, the levy, which was anticipated to last five years, has achieved its main purposes and will help carry the department almost through 2015, a seven year period.
Most of the immediate capital needs of the department were met through that levy, with the construction of three new fire stations and updates to the station  which also acts as headquarters for the department. Four major pieces of firefighting/rescue apparatus were purchased and staffing levels have been restored.
The draft report recommends a reduction to 18 vehicles from current 22, and an expansion in the use of part-time firefighters. More part-time firefighters will reduce overtime costs and meet the increase in the continued growth of fire and emergency medical calls each year.
The department is called on to continue its public education and fire inspection services to reduce fire calls. Also to continue its mutual-aid programs with surrounding department and its current training programs for firefighters.
An exhibit in the report notes that fire calls have steadily risen by about 20 percent and emergency/medical runs by about 27 percent. Rescue/medical calls represent 78 percent of the alarms responded to by the department.
Since 2003, total calls have increased from 3,517 to last year's total of 5,431.
In 2003, the department had a total of 70 personnel. It currently has a total of 64.5.
The report notes that the issue of staffing is something which needs to be considered when looking ahead to needs of the department over the next 5 to 7 years. It is projected that the department will likely be responding to over 6,000 calls.
The report also asks the fire chief to give consideration to restoring patient transport services. Currently, Sylvania Township is the only department in the county which does not provide that. The report asks for the estimated cost of such a service and for way to implement the use of a combination public/private service.
Mr. Zeitler, Fire Chief Jeff Kowalski, and Trustee John Crandall worked to put the draft report together.
Posted: 5/23/2014




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