Lucas County Commissioners have scheduled a public hearing for Feb. 18 at 2 p.m. on two petitions from the city of Sylvania in the city’s attempt to annex land from Sylvania Township.

One petition is the city’s attempt to force the annexation of 31 residential properties in the Country Walk area.

That move by the city was the subject of a public hearing in November, where commissioners heard from property owners, nearby residents and township officials who were unanimous in their objection to approving the annexation.

Those effected object to becoming liable for city income tax. They added that they are happy with township services and will gain nothing from annexation to the city.

The only voice in favor was from Leslie Brinning, Sylvania law director, when she introduced the issue.

The city contends that property owners signed a document promising to sign a petition for annexation when they signed up for city water service.

Last month, about 90 minutes before a vote was scheduled by commissioners to decide the issue, the city of Sylvania
abruptly withdrew the petition.

It was refiled later the same day, but disrupting the process has caused a second public hearing to be necessary.

Since then, the city has filed another annexation petition. In this, they seek to annex the site of the former Village Inn, at Brint and Holland Sylvania, according to Jody Balogh, clerk of the board of

She said that although the annexation petitions involve different properties it was decided that the issues involved are similar enough that they will both be heard on the meeting of Feb. 18.

County commissioners could decide the issue then or take up to 30 days to render a decision, she added.

The meeting will be in the first floor commissioners’ hearing room at Government Center, Jackson Street, between Erie and Huron.


Written by:  Mike Jones, Public Information Officer

Published date:  January 10, 2020

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