Sylvania Township trustees have passed a resolution calling for collaboration and cooperation in dealing with the circumstances created by Sylvania’s attempt to forcibly annex township property.

It calls instead for an end to the annexation effort so those involved can “negotiate in good faith toward a resolution to annexation disputes and devote their energies and focus toward serving the public good and increasing efficiencies.

The resolution is another step in a series following a letter sent by the city about a year ago to property owners in the city’s water district instructing them to sign a petition for annexation. The city contends that property owners agreed to do that when they originally got water service from the city.

Many property owners since that time have objected to the city’s move.  Most say they will be subject to the city’s income tax and will gain nothing in the way of government-provided services.

Most recently, Lucas County Commissioners were set to vote on Sylvania’s petition to annex 31 properties when the city withdrew the application.  They resubmitted it later that day.

The trustees’ resolution points to “a long-established record of cooperating in areas involving recreation, fire service, emergency policing services, the senior center, economic development, and the support of non-profits.”

It notes that the city is actively seeking to annex more than 100 parcels in the Country Walk subdivision and has talked about annexing 400 to 800 houses in the future.

The resolution says that if the city were to succeed in its annexation efforts, township revenue loss would be substantial and have a negative impact on township services, particularly in policing and transportation.

It notes that growth in the Sylvania community has been supported by collaborative efforts by the city and township and forced annexation threatens to undermine community stability.

Also noted is the principle adopted by the Toledo Metropolitan Council of Governments which supports mediation or negotiation rather than confrontation and litigation when disputes arise.


Written by: Mike Jones, Public Information Officer

Posted: 12/27/2019

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