Sylvania Township trustees have agreed to partner with a group of  who have voiced their opposition to the apparent intent of the City of Sylvania to annex several homes in residential subdivisions currently in the township.

Residents have appeared at meetings of the trustees as well as city council recently complaining about what they have characterized as a “money grab” by the city.

They have said they are very satisfied with government  services in the township and do not want to become liable for the 1.5 percent income tax imposed by the city.

The resolution by the township placed a cap of $20,000 on its efforts in conjunction with the citizens’ group.

It came after a discussion following a motion by trustee John Jennewine that an attorney be hired, with that amount as an upper limit, to explore actions which could be taken by the township in opposition to any annexation efforts by the city.

John Crandall, chairman of the trustees, said there wouldn’t be an issue if residents of an area actively sought to be annexed, but that the trustees strongly oppose the forced annexation which seems underway.

Some property owners said they signed agreements to be annexed some time ago, because it was required in order to get water service to their homes.

The issue erupted after the city sent letters to some 100 property owners directing them to sign an annexation petition by Nov. 30. City officials contend those properties have annexation agreements with the city. A number of people have challenged whether there is such an enforceable agreement.

The township sent a letter to about 400 residents who may be directly effected by the city’s apparent intentions saying they oppose the action and more recently issued a letter meant more generally to all township residents explaining, their opposition.

Both letters noted that the recently completed annexation of the Mayberry subdivision cost the township about $50,000 in revenue.

Trustee Neal Mahoney noted that the loss of the residential subdivisions, apparently targeted by the city, would deal a more significant loss to the  township.

It could be, he said, that if the city’s annexation efforts are successful the township may be forced to request additional levy support in order to maintain the current level of service to residents.

“This issue effects all township residents,” he said.

Subdivisions identified as annexation targets are The Meadows, Parklands, County Walk, Sylvan Hills, Copperwood and Country Walk Circle.


Written by: Mike Jones, Public Information Officer

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