The Sylvania Township community’s gestures of appreciation to its safety forces, “have been absolutely phenomenal,” according to Fire Chief Mike Ramm. His thoughts were seconded with an “It’s getting
like Christmas around here,” from Lt. Sarah Toth, of the Sylvania Township police department.

Both were referring to the community’s support of firefighters and police officers safeguarding the the community when the normal risks of those duties are magnified by the potential exposure to

The lieutenant was referring to items such as bottles of water, masks, thank-you notes, and sometimes meals delivered by local restaurants.

“We know that sometimes we’re not real popular with someone we’re dealing with, but we also know we have a very supportive community.”

She said the items received and just a gesture like, “when someone rolls down their window and says, ‘thank you officer,’ have meant a lot to us,”

“There’s a sense of community and it’s really, really helping us get through,” the days of contending with the coronavirus pandemic as well as the usual stresses of the job, the lieutenant said.

Chief Ramm and Police Chief Paul Long have both instituted internal changes to reduce the chance of personnel contracting the virus or passing it to another firefighter or police officer.

One of those changes, closing all fire stations except to on-duty firefighters, may have held up some people wanting to donate an item or two, but Chief Ramm said, “We are so grateful for the kind notes, the masks, food, everything.

“Our firefighters are under a lot of stress,” he said. “It’s something we all signed up for, but it’s wonderful to know ” it’s recognized and appreciated by the community.

Chief Ramm noted the department is cautious in accepting some items. He said he is aware of an instance elsewhere in which a department accepted some homemade sandwiches and the donor was later found to have coronavirus.

“We hope people understand that any gesture is appreciated.

“We have been graciously overwhelmed by the appreciation the community has shown,” the chief said.


Written by:  Mike Jones, Public Information Officer

Published Date:  April 4, 2020



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