Blame It On the Bat!

In an effort to help the endangered Indiana bat, the government prohibits clearing trees from March 31 to Nov. 1. in certain areas.

One of those areas is along a stretch of Ten Mile Creek in Sylvania Township, earlier targeted to begin this spring for a major project to widen and re-align the waterway.

“Because changing the banks of the waterway will require felling some trees, beginning work won’t be possible until November,” Brian Miller, of the Lucas County Engineer’s Office, said.

“The bat isn’t solely responsible for the delay,” Mr. Miller said.

Easements are still needed from property owners along the banks of the creek to allow workers “right of entry” to begin the project.

The need to get all the easements, allow for time to award contracts for the work and other issues makes it unreasonable to think work could begin by the March deadline.

The drainage improvement work is meant to run along the stream from west of Herr Road to a point east of Centennial Road. In that area, the creek runs between Central Avenue on the south and Sylvania Avenue on the north.

Rob Nash, road superintendent for the township, said that because of the winding nature of the creek in that area, it is prone to log jams which slow the flow of water and often causes the flooding which can plague home and business owners.

Once the project is completed, he said, that problem should see significant improvement.


Written by: Mike Jones, Public Information Officer

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