The annual spring pickup of brush and leaves will begin April 20, as opposed to the originally scheduled beginning of April 13, according to Rob Nash, Sylvania Township road superintendent.

He said the delay is primarily due to social distancing recommendations in response to the coronavirus, causing what he
termed to be “personnel logistics” issues.

One issue has been that when each worker has to be a distance apart from a colleague it has added time to the task of removing plows and salt-spreaders from trucks and then equipping them for leaf and brush collection.

During the pickup, he said workers will arrive at sites in their own cars and work at least 6 ft. apart from one another.

“We won’t use the break-room for lunch. They’ll have to eat separately,” he said.

He added that he is likely to use temporary workers to help cut the time the pickup might take, given the constraints.

Mr. Nash added that the delay will give property owners an extra week to get items to the edge of the street and maybe a few days
of better weather to do it in.

Residents can be surprised in the early spring to find how many limbs and branches have accumulated on lawns through the winter.

It can also be surprising to see how many leaves didn’t get raked up before snow set in.

That’s what the spring pickup is for, Mr Nash said. He reminded that it is not meant to take what remains from a tree removal or the clear cutting of a lot.

He said he doesn’t anticipate a further delay in the start of the pickup, but the uncertainty created by coronavirus, remains. Mr. Nash noted that residents can check the website for information. On the site, they can also go to the road department’s brush and leaf pickup section and sign up for Sylvania Township Alerts which will also let them know if there may be a delay.

The collection is a one-time sweep through the roads in the township.

He urged all residents to have brush and leaves at the street, but not in it. Brush and leaves should also be separated, he said.

Brush should be no longer than six feet, nor should it exceed six inches in diameter.

Although the sweep will begin April 20, it is difficult to project a schedule for completion, Mr. Nash added.

It is difficult to give people an estimate of when crews may reach a specific neighborhood because weather often causes interruptions in the process.

If everything is at the edge of the street by April 20 it will be collected, he said.


Witten by:  Mike Jones, Public Information Officer

Published Date:  March 26, 2020

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