With three-fourths of Sylvania Township’s budget year in the books, David Simko, the township’s chief financial officer, told trustees he was pleased with the financial situation.  

Mr. Simko said that the income portion of the budget is determined by the township’s share of taxes and other predictable sources, but it is up to the staff and managers of township departments to keep an eye on spending to keep the books in balance.

At the most recent meeting of the township trustees, Mr. Simko said that each of the township’s four departments had expenditures of 70 percent or less at a point where 75 percent could be expected.

“The spending is staying under control and that’s a really good thing,” he told trustees.

In recent years, he said, budget negotiations always start out with a clean slate.

The township administration doesn’t penalize a department that has come in well under budget for the preceding year.

He said some places will take the attitude that if you didn’t need it last year, you won’t need it this year. That attitude leads departments to overspend some years so they aren’t penalized. 

The Sylvania Township budgeting process also isn’t puffed up so that coming in under budget is easy.

He said he thinks the benefits of an honest, collaborative budgeting process are clear.

At the end of September, the general fund had spent about $1.2 million or 63.9 percent of its annual budget. The road department had spent a little under $1.4 million, only 41.5 percent of its budget.  He noted that that percentage is likely to rise when bills are paid for late road work and leaf collection. The fire department had spent about $6.4 million, or 70 percent of its budget and police had expenditures of almost $5.4 million or 69 percent of its budget.


Written by: Mike Jones, Public Information Officer

Posted: October 23, 2019

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