Budget Report

The end-of-year budget report for Sylvania Township showed each department spent less than had been budgeted and that drew praise from David Simko, Fiscal Officer.

Mr. Simko noted that it takes everyone to be budget-minded to reach the cautious spending which has been evident in Sylvania Township budgets in recent years.

He attributed part of it to a budgeting process which doesn’t, oddly, punish spending caution.

Some townships, he said, will limit the budget for an upcoming year, based on department spending the previous year.

He said that kind of thinking results in an attitude of “if you don’t spend it, you lose it,” and that causes departments to sometimes scramble to spend up to their allocation.

He said Sylvania Township’s budgeting process is “collaborative,” and has resulted in department heads and all employees “recognizing we have limited funds.”

The year end report shows that revenue was slightly higher than anticipated for the four funds and that expenditures were each below what had been allocated.

Revenue to the general fund last year was $1,931,784 with expenditures of $1,800,932. Spending was 84.8% of  what had been budgeted.

The road and bridge fund had revenue of $2,192,117, with spending of $2,272,479. Those expenditures were only 74.2% of what had been budgeted. Mr. Simko said that is likely due to the seasonal nature of highway improvement projects.

The police fund showed revenue of $7,443,307, with expenditures $6,748,767. The spending was 92.6% of budgeted costs.

The fire fund had revenue of $9,520,894, with expenditures of $7,671,097, 85.3% of budgeted expenditures.

Overall, Mr. Simko said, the year showed employees continued to keep their eye on the budget.

Neal Mahoney, chairman of the trustees, added that Mr. Simko also deserves recognition for the collaborative budget process which has led to recent good reports. 


Written by: Mike Jones, Public Information Officer

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