Smoothies, oatmeal, egg, and egg with sausage breakfast sandwiches were served on two mornings recently from the kitchen of No. 4 fire station on Sylvania Avenue, to Sylvania Township employees at no cost to them.

The idea for Build a Better Breakfast was cooked up (see what we did there?) by the Sylvania Township wellness committee with the idea of reminding co-workers that there are a number of ways to start the day which can beat a donut and a cup of coffee slurped down on the way into work.

The tasty early morning fare was the draw, but the real purpose was to stress nutrition as an important component of a healthy lifestyle.

As handouts, the committee put together something of a small cook book, which provides recipes for breakfast foods ranging from “healthy egg muffin cups,” to Mason Jar overnight oats.”

Samantha Babkiewicz, administrative assistant and IT coordinator, said the breakfast idea seemed popular, but the real success for the event can only be measured by a slight change in lifestyle for some of the employees

“If just one person makes a change and increases their recognition of the importance of nutrition, I think it’s a success.”

For Janet Ontko, human resources director, success could be measured by something as simple as people eating an apple a day.

Ms. Ontko spent a considerable amount of time researching nutrition information which was also available in the way of a printed quiz at the breakfast.

One of the questions was “what is the most nutritious way to eat a banana–green or ripe?”

The answer is–it depends.

Ms. Ontko then devoted more than two pages to explaining how nutritional values in a banana change as it moves from the green state to a yellow, slightly-bruised appearance.

She also has a full page listing 10 specific health benefits gained by eating an apple a day.

The wellness committee isn’t done yet.

An May 14, 15, and 16 they will be hosting a one-hour event with the owner of Health Foods by Claudia on vitamins and supplements and their role in health.


Written by: Mike Jones, Public Information Officer

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