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Fire Chief Michael Ramm

In March of 1981 Chief Ramm was appointed to the department as a volunteer fireman stationed at #2 on Central. Chief Ramm was hired full time in 1995 and assigned to station #1 for the first 4 years of his career. In 2001 he was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to station #4. Then In March of 2013 promoted to Deputy Chief of Operations and stationed at station #64. On March 17, 2017 Chief Ramm became the Chief of the Department. Chief Ramm has an associate’s degree from Owens in Fire Science and a Bachelor’s degree in fire science from Columbia Southern University graduating from both with honors. Chief Ramm also has his Executive Fire Officers training completed through the Ohio Fire Chief’s Association. Chief Ramm likes to pride himself on his ability to lead by example. Chief Ramm will be working with both The Operations division and The Risk Reduction division of the Fire Department. Chief Ramm will report directly to John Zeitler the Township Administrator.

Chief Ramm is married with three children, wife Mary Ann married for 28 years, sons Jason (27) and Cody (26), and a daughter Courtney (18) still at home and graduating from Notre Dame Academy in 2017. Chief Ramm is a second generation Chief in Sylvania, following his dad Burt.

Chief Ramm’s main goal is to make the community of Sylvania a safe and enjoyable place to live, visit and raise a family.

Assistant Chief Chris Nye

In September of 1989 Assistant Chief Nye was appointed to the department as a volunteer firefighter stationed at #1 on Monroe St. A graduate of the University of Toledo Paramedic Training Program in 1992, Assistant Chief Nye was hired full time in April of 1994 and assigned to station #1 as a firefighter/paramedic for the first 4 years of his career and spent the next 6 years at station #3 on Monroe @ Whiteford. In August of 2004, he was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to station #3. He also spent 2 years assigned to station #2 on Central Ave. and the last 10 years prior to his promotion to Deputy Chief at station #1. In April of 2017, he was promoted to Deputy Chief of Operations and stationed at station #4 on Sylvania Ave. Prior to his promotion to Deputy Chief, he also served as President of Sylvania Firefighters IAFF Local 2243 for 16 years. Assistant Chief Nye likes to pride himself on his ability to lead by example. Assistant Chief Nye is in charge of the daily operations of the Fire Department. Assistant Chief Nye reports directly to Chief Ramm.

Assistant Chief Nye is married to his wife Barbara for 33 years with three children, Daughters Brooke a graduate of The Ohio State University is the Executive Store Manager for Macy’s at the Polaris Mall in Columbus, Ohio, Chelsea a graduate of Bowling Green State University and is a 6 & 7th-grade math teacher at Arbor Hills Junior High in Sylvania and a son Nicholas who is a graduate of The University of Cincinnati in Criminal Justice and plans to follow in his Grandfathers footsteps as a law enforcement officer. Assistant Chief Nye continues a family history of public service; his father Richard retired as a 25 year Toledo Police Officer and his mother retired after 52 years as a Registered Nurse.

Assistant Chief Nye’s goal is to make the Sylvania community a desirable, safe, and enjoyable place to live, visit, and raise a family.

Battalion Chief Mike Szafarowicz


Battalion Chief Steve Kahan

Appointed on 5/4/1999 to C shift at #2’s

Promoted on 7/10/2004 to Lieutenant and assigned to A shift at #4’s then assigned to B shift at #1’s

Promoted on 2/5/2020 to Battalion Chief and assigned to A shift

Served on the Health Care Committee since its inception, part of Labors negotiating team for 12 years and was the chief negotiator for the current contract.

I Pride myself on being fair and honest and leading by example. I also believe that respect is earned.

My job is to be in charge of daily operations on A-shifts and to ensure that emergencies are mitigated and that ALL crews go home to their families when their tour is done.

Married to my wife Christine for 23 years with 3 awesome children. Cody who is a graduate of the University of Dayton and is an engineer for Emerson in Sydney, Ohio,  my son RJ who is a freshman at the University of Dayton and is an Honors Pre-Med student and my beautiful daughter Emily who is a junior at Northview High School and has aspirations of playing college softball and studying sports science. We also have 2 dogs, an Akita named Tonka and a Saint Bernard puppy named Winston.

I enjoy spending time with my family, coaching baseball and softball, working out and traveling.

Sylvania is home and I want to help in making it a safe place to live and raise a family.

Battalion Chief Chad Morris


Training and Safety Officer: Captain Aaron Frye

Captain Aaron M.Frye was hired by the Sylvania Township Fire Department as a Firefighter-Paramedic on August 18, 2003; and has served with all 3 shifts and at all 4 stations during his career in Sylvania Township. As a Firefighter-Paramedic, he mainly worked out of Stations 3 and 4.

Aaron was one of five employees laid off in January of 2007 due to budget restrictions from a failed tax levy. He was recalled to service in July of 2008. Upon his return, he was assigned to Station 3.

He was promoted to Lieutenant April 17, 2011, and is honored to have served with crews on E62.

He accepted the position of Acting Captain effective January 1st of 2015 and was promoted on April 21, 2015. Captain Frye oversees the Fire Training Bureau and serves as the Department Safety Officer. He develops, schedules and implements training activities for all personnel; is working to expand the Officer Development program; responds to emergency incidents and functions as the Incident Safety Officer; and is responsible for implementing an overall safety program for operations; investigates and reviews all incidents involving on-duty injuries, near-misses and vehicular accidents; and coordinates the after-action reviews of major incidents.

Captain Frye is a State of Ohio Fire Instructor, Certified Fire Safety Inspector, an Incident Safety Officer, and certified as both Fire Officer I and II. He has worked within a variety of Fire and EMS positions since 1997 in both Cuyahoga and Lucas Counties, serving with the Olmsted Township Fire Department and the Springfield Township Fire Department. He attended Ohio University where he studied Health Care Administration with a Business and Inter-personal Communications concentration, and is currently working towards furthering his education with a degree in Fire Administration and Emergency Management.

Aaron and his wife Laura reside in the Sylvania community with their 3 daughters.

Fire Marshal Shane Hillard

On May 17, 2000 Fire Marshal Hillard was appointed to the fire department as a firefighter / paramedic. He proudly served at all 4 stations spending most of his time at stations 1 and 4. In 2004 he became a certified fire safety inspector and began assisting the department with completing building inspection.

In April of 2017 Fire Marshal Hillard became the departments full time fire safety inspector. At that time, he began assisting retired Deputy Chief Mike Froelich with all aspects of the departments Community Risk Reduction Bureau.

In March of 2020 Fire Marshal Hillard became what is believed to be the departments first Fire Marshal. Fire Marshal Hillard will oversee the departments Community Risk Reduction Bureau including fire prevention and fire investigations.

Fire Marshal Hillard is a State of Ohio Certified Fire Safety Inspector, State of Ohio Fire Instructor, State of Ohio Firefighter II, NREMT-P, and hold certificates for Fire Officer 1, Fire Officer 2, and Fire Officer 3. He also completed both the Basic and Advance Fire Investigation classes at Bowling Green State Fire School.

Fire Marshal Hillard has been married to his wife Mariann for 19 years. Together they have four children, Lainey (18) a graduate of Whiteford Agricultural High School who will be attending the University of Toledo majoring in early childhood education, Levi (16), Ava (15) and Brody (12) all still in school at Whiteford Agricultural.

Jennifer Howard,  Administrative Services Coordinator


Vicky Loeffler,  Administrative Assistant


Monica Slomka,  Administrative Assistant


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