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The Sylvania Township Fire Department part-time firefighter program provides a supplemental group of trained and certified part-time firefighter/EMT’s or firefighter/paramedic’s to augment our full-time career firefighter/paramedics. This program evolved from the department’s long standing volunteer and then part-paid program that had been around since the beginning of the fire department. The program is designed to give the department operational flexibility with staffing and help to manage overtime costs. Part-time firefighters work with the full-time firefighters as part of the station crew, respond on all runs and participate in all station duties.


To become a part-time firefighter in Sylvania, you must take and pass the same entry level testing that a full-time member must pass, (which includes the initial written exam, drug and tobacco use evaluation, criminal & background research, physical ability test, complete physical with stress test and an interview with the chief) and successfully complete our department Recruit Training Academy. After completing the entry requirements, part-time firefighters are eligible to be hired as full-time employees when an opening occurs, as long as they are certified as a State of Ohio Paramedic.  The part-time firefighters must have a minimum training certification as a State of Ohio Firefighter I, EMT-B and Haz-Mat operations before going onto shift.  All part-time firefighters will train with the fulltime crews they work with to gain and reinforce operational proficiency.

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