The Sylvania Township Fire Department is involved with delivery of fire safety education in many different programs.


Safety City/Town – This is an annual event for children who will be entering Kindergarten.  The event teaches children about fire safety and general safety topics. The fire department has a day where we teach the children about fire safety. The topics covered are Stop, Drop and Roll (one technique used if a person’s clothes catch on fire), making a fire escape plan for your home and information on what to do in the event a child is trapped in a burning building. Last, but not least, that firefighters are your friend in an emergency situation and that children should not hide from firefighters or be afraid because the firefighter is wearing protective clothing or self-contained breathing apparatus.


Fire Safety Talks in Schools – We provide many fire safety talks in Sylvania area schools. Firefighters are requested to come to classrooms and  talk on a variety of fire safety topics. This usually ends with a quick tour of the fire truck and a brief discussion on some of the tools and equipment that are carried on the vehicle.


Fire Station Tours – Some groups prefer to come to the fire stations for safety talks. These talks would then include a tour of the fire station and a brief description of the duties of a firefighter and their work schedule. Station tours are also available to the general public.


Fire Extinguisher Training – The department helps teach individuals and business employees on the proper use of fire extinguishers. Information is given on the different types of fires and the proper extinguisher to use on each. Training usually ends with a hands-on exercise using an extinguisher.


How can individual or group schedule a fire safety talk or station tour?
Either event can be scheduled through the fire department administrative office. You will need to call ahead to assure availability. We need the name of the group, organization or individual, the date and time requested, the type of event and approximately how many people will be attending.


Safety City and Safety Town are administered by the police departments. Please contact them for that information.

Contact the fire department administration office to schedule any event or training program, Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. at (419) 882-7676 or email us at

Links for Kids



SPARKY THE FIRE DOG – from the N.F.P.A. (National Fire Protection Association) at
Sparky the Fire Dog teaches about fire safety, including Sparky the Fire Dog News Flash Fun with Firetrucks, Hot Diggity Dalmatians, The Story of Sparky Family Stuff, Ask Sparky and Sparky Arcade Games. This site features games, coloring pages and family fun as well as escape planning grids and Sparky’s Home Safety Checklist. You’ll need Adobe®

Do you know about different kinds of weather events and other unexpected situations? Learn the words and terms you hear during emergencies.  It can be confusing.  Be informed. From natural disasters to pandemics or terrorism, know what to do before, during and after. Create emergency kits, play games and learn more about handling emergencies. There’s even sections for parents and teachers. F.E.M.A. (Federal Emergency Management Agency)

Help Mikey Out – from 




Play Safe – Be Safe activity page


The following link is from an insurance company. The information provided is very good basic fire safety information for everyone. There are also a number of links at the bottom of their page, some that we have listed above, that can be used by your family for emergency planning and also help you teach your children about fire safety in a home environment. We were made aware of this link from Lizzie and her mother from California who found our site while working on a school project on home fire safety. We appreciate her work on this project, as fires in the home are the most deadly type of fire in the nation.

 Other general Fire Safety educational links:



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