The Detective Bureau is the investigative arm of the police department and is currently made up of one Sergeant and three Detectives. All preliminary complaint reports requiring further investigation are referred to the Detective Bureau for review and evaluation. Once reviewed, each case is assigned to a specific detective for further investigation.

This division is involved in many aspects and responsibilities. Detectives make contact with the victims, interview witnesses, interrogate suspects, prepare and execute search warrants, collect evidence at crime scenes, submit warrant requests, prepare court cases, handle extraditions and provide investigative/intelligence support to other law enforcement agencies.

There are many areas of expertise handled by our highly trained and experienced investigators which include:

– Identity Theft / Fraud
– Breaking and Entering / Robbery
– Theft of Property
– Criminal Damage
– Arson
– Domestic Violence
– Sex Crimes
– Homicide

The Detective Bureau can be reached at 419-882-1250.


One specialized section within the Sylvania Township Police Department, is the Special Response Team (SRT). The SRT was formed in 1998 to provide a more effective police response to dangerous situations. Designed along the lines of a traditional Special Weapons and Tactics team (SWAT), the SRT has the responsibility of handling barricaded gunman standoffs, hostage situations, drug raids, dignitary protection, anti-terrorist assignments, and warrant services.  In 2007, the SRT merged with the City of Sylvania to form the Sylvania Metro Special Response Team.  The teams mereged to combine resources to better serve the community.

Staffing and Training
The Sylvania Township Police Department Special Response Team has eight members. These officers are specially trained and serve on the team as an additional assignment within the police department. They receive eight hours of additional training each month, which consists of weapons familiarization and shooting, tactics rehearsal, and mission planning. The Sylvania Township SRT also trains with a number of other agencies in Lucas County. Members of the SRT have attended the SWAT program hosted by the Toledo Police Department. The SRT members also train and work with their counterparts in Toledo, Sylvania, Maumee, Oregon, and the Lucas County Sheriff’s office.

Training is an ongoing process for the SRT. Recently, area special response teams gathered at the Westfield Shoppingtown at Franklin Park. The teams practiced working in concert to neutralize a hypothetical terrorist incident at the mall. The exercise enhanced response times, improved communications, and allowed the community SWAT/SRT teams to practice tactics on a large scale.

The Special Response Team uses special gear to accomplish their missions, including several different types of handguns, rifles, shotguns, rams, ballistic shields, and chemical munitions.
An SRT needs a vehicle to serve as a tactical command post, a transport vehicle for the team, and a support vehicle on long operations. Our department was fortunate to have a retired life squad (large ambulance) donated by Lucas County in 2006. Our SRT members, with help from our mechanics and area businesses, spent several weeks adapting the life squad for use as a response vehicle for the team.
Many thanks to Kenny Rowe, Jr., of Rowe Collision, Rich Sach of Toledo Auto Trim, Justin Tracey of Carter Lumber, and Brian Cruthers, township mechanic, for their donations of materials and time needed for the vehicle converstion project.

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