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Records dating back to the early 1900’s reflect that the Township of Sylvania was protected by police constables. In 1960, legislation was enacted eliminating the practice of electing constables by public vote. Therefore, to accommodate the new legislation, Sylvania Township hired a full-time police administrator at a salary of $4,800 per year, and 5 part-time officers, paid $100 per month to serve a minimum of 4 work hours per month. These officers received a gasoline allowance of 15 gallons and had to use their own vehicles to respond to calls.
The February 1960 monthly police report reflected the
following activities:
Traffic Arrests 38
Warning Tickets 59
Burglaries   6

By 1970, the Board of Trustees felt the part-time department was not adequate to meet the needs of the growing township. In May 1970, the Trustees announced a major restructuring of the department and a full- time police chief with 10 officers were sworn in at the Sylvania Municipal Court as the new police force.

For many years, the department operated out of limited space within the township administration building on Holland-Sylvania Road. As Sylvania Township’s population grew, so did the police department, and the need for a new police facility became a priority. In May 1990, the station was relocated to King Road, giving the department more office space, additional storage, a large impound lot, and their own indoor firing range. The township continued to expand and prosper, which increased the demand for police services.

A decade later, a major restructuring and addition project was completed, nearly doubling the size of the station to accommodate updated equipment, a new communications center, and additional personnel.Sylvania Township has become one of the largest suburban areas surrounding Toledo, however we are proud to still provide the same small town, personal service to our residents and businesses.

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