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Ohio’s Public Records Act imposes two primary obligations upon public offices:

1. Provide prompt inspection of public records (R.C. 149.43(B)(1)); and

2. Provide copies of public records within a reasonable period of time

(R.C. 149.43(B)(2)).

The Public Records Act evolved from the principle that Ohio’s citizens are entitled to access the records of their government. We agree that to advance this principle, the Public Records Act should be interpreted liberally in favor of disclosure.

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Crash Report Search

Welcome to the Sylvania Township Police Department site, where you can pull up documentation for Crash Reports.

To access a crash report please click HERE.

Enter the following information:
Entity ID: 7322
User Name: Police
Password: GUEST
*User Name and Password ARE case sensitive.

Click the “Log In” button, then “Available Projects and “Crash Reports”.

If you know the Crash report number, put it into the area that asks for the number. If you are not sure of the number but have some idea of the date, put the starting date and ending date in the slots marked “From Date” and “To Date”. If you are unsure of the number or dates, you can search for reports by the last name(s) of the parties involved.

If you are unable to locate a report, please call the Records Bureau at (419)885-3721 from 7:00 am until 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Reports are normally available within two business days, excluding holidays although some reports may take two weeks or longer to investigate and complete.

*Please note: The report # will consist of 9 numbers, beginning with the year, then two zeros, followed by three numbers, for example, 201700123.  There are no dashes or spaces in the report number.


All of the Sylvania Township Police crash reports get mailed to the state and are accessible online through the State of Ohio. There maybe a delay of a few weeks before they are posted online.

It is suggested to fill in the fields in the link as follows:
County: Lucas
Crash Date: _______
Jurisdiction: Sylvania Township
Law Enforcement: Sylvania Township Police


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