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Stevens Disposal & Recycling Service was the only bidder for work during the annual Sylvania Township household pickup program.

The bid for the job is $400 per ton of material collected, which is a $50 per ton over their bid last year. They were also the only bidder that year.

Rob Nash, superintendent of the township road department, said he had reached out to other companies beyond simply sending bid packages, and is frustrated at the lack of competition in the bidding procedure.

“I’ve personally approached them,” but I also understand that they have regular customers and can’t easily change schedules to take on something like this.

He said he wasn’t being critical of the job Stevens has done.

“They know our routes and they get the job done,” he said, but again noted he would like to see the bidding process be competitive.

He pointed out that their winning bid of $350 per ton last year was also a increase of $50 per ton over their $300 per ton bid in 2016. They were the only bidder that year as well.

The annual pick up usually averages around 100 to 110 tons, Mr. Nash noted.

The service for Sylvania Township residents is scheduled this year to begin Sept. 10. It will be a one-time sweep through the township. In order to not be missed, it is recommended that all items should be placed at the curb or edge of the road the evening of Sept. 9.

Written by: Mike Jones, Public Information Officer


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