Trustee Meetings for October 2018 will be Oct. 2nd @ 5:30 PM & Oct. 16th @ 5:30 PM


With three-quarters of the year in the books, David Simko, Sylvania Township fiscal officer, pointed out at the most recent meeting of the township trustees to point out how well-managed the four primary funds  have been so far.

Mr. Simko noted that it would be reasonable to expect that each would have been at 75 percent of budgeted expenditures by the end of September, but all are under that benchmark.

He noted that the township’s budget relies largely on the Lucas County auditor’s office for estimates of revenue which can be expected from levies.  He said based on figures so far this year each fund should be at or above 100 percent of estimated revenues.

The part of the budget which can be controlled by the township is expenditures and he praised department heads and employees for consistently keeping an eye on costs and cutting back where possible.

At the end of nine months, Mr. Simko pointed out, the general fund expenditures have been at 70 percent. The fire department is at 60 percent and the police department is at 67 percent.

The road department is well below the 75 percent threshold at 46 percent.

That number, he noted, is likely to rise as the costs of all summer road improvement work and leaf collection work there way in.

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