At the midway point in the year, Sylvania Township’s financial picture is in good shape, according to David Simko, the township’s fiscal officer.

Mr. Simko told trustees at their most recent meeting that the revenue side is at about the expected 50 percent for each department as the budget anticipated, and that departments have kept expenses below half of what had been budgeted.

“It’s good news,” Mr. Simko said after the meeting, “and it’s a credit to department heads and all of the employees who pay close attention to¬†expenditures.”

He added that the work of staying within budget begins when the annual budget is determined late in the previous year.

He said it’s the township’s practice to not rely on expenditures of the previous year but to start with a clean slate. He said he knows of other entities that essentially punish departments that stay well below their budgeted expenditures.

“They’re kind of saying if you didn’t use it this year, you don’t need it for next year,” Mr. Simko said.

“We just want to know what necessary expenditures are coming,” he added.

He noted that pre-budget talks can lead to some negotiating, but issues are resolved and a budget agreed to for each department.

The township’s annual revenues are relatively predictable, but the township’s employees can make a difference on the expense side of the ledger.

“For the last several years we’ve developed a good relationship and I think it shows, both in developing a budget and in working hard to stay within it.”

The general fund has spent about $850,000, or 41 percent of its annual budget, the road and bridge fund has listed expenditures of $1,046,37 for 29.6 percent of its budget, the police department has spent 44.8 percent of its budget with expenditures of about $3,800,000 and the fire department is at 47 percent of its budget with costs of $4,760,000.

Mr.Simko noted that the road and bridge fund is usually well below its budgeted expenditures at this time of year because all of the costs of seasonal road resurfacing, curb repair and other seasonal tasks haven’t yet been paid.


Written by: Mike Jones, Public Information Officer

Posted: July 23, 2020

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