Sylvania Township trustees have approved a contract with Stevens Disposal & Recycling Service for the annual Sylvania Township household pickup program.

The bid for the job is $400 per ton of material collected, which is a $50 per ton over their bid last year. They were also the only bidder that year.

Rob Nash, superintendent of the township road department, told trustees that he had made an effort this year to get more companies to bid on the job and he would increase his efforts for next year’s collection, but if there’s no increased response, the township may have to “look outside the box.”

There might be a way to contract for several large dumpsters to be located around the township and allow residents for a limited time to bring the items they want rid of to the dumpsters.

In contacts with refuse companies, Mr. Nash said he has learned that most local businesses are not big enough to take on a household-item collection in a community as large as Sylvania Township.

Most area companies have enough trucks and manpower for the contracts they serve, but not enough to reconfigure their business in order to bid on the township annual service.

Mr. Nash said his comments should not be taken as a criticism of the job Stevens’ does.

The company and its employees know the township and work hard and fast to get the job done, he added.

The issue is the increasing cost to the township, he said.

Stevens’ winning bid of $350 per ton last year was also an increase of $50 per ton over their $300 per ton bid in 2016. They were the only bidder that year as well.

The annual pickup usually averages around 100 to 110 tons, Mr. Nash noted.

The service for Sylvania Township residents is scheduled this year to begin Sept. 10. It will be a one-time sweep through the township. In order to not be missed, it is recommended that all items should be placed at the curb or edge of the road the evening of Sept. 9.


Written by: Mike Jones, Public Information Officer

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