Leaves, Brush and Household Items To Be Collected

For Sylvania Township residents who want to get rid of unwanted household items and who have brush and leaves they want picked up, September 11 is the day.

Township crews and contracted services will be busy during the collection period, so please follow guidelines for efficient service.

For brush collection township crews will take leaves and branches and limbs left on the property at the edge of the street, but not in the street.

Grass clippings should not be mixed with branches and limbs. And those items should be no more than six feet long or six inches in diameter.

Rob Nash, street department manager, said that people should put household items to be picked up at the street the night before, on Sept. 10, to insure they aren’t missed during the one pass through the community.

He cautioned that those items also should not be put in the street.

He said crews will begin at multiple locations on the first day and will continue until all household items have been picked up.

Items to be collected are limited to, books and papers, which must be bundled; carpeting, cut and rolled no longer than 5 ft; empty containers and drums, appliances without refrigerants, furniture, mattresses and box springs, legs over 12 inches must be separated; toys and non-hazardous miscellaneous material placed in a disposable container.

Stevens Disposal and Recycling Service, of Temperance, has been contracted for the service.

There contract calls for payment of $350 per ton of items collected, Sylvania Township crews will be collecting brush.

Mr. Nash noted that it may take a few days as crews must cover 176 miles of roadway.

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