Although the leaves have not yet begun their annual cascade in Sylvania Township, road department crews have tested and prepared the necessary equipment to start the annual collection process which will begin October 21.

Leaf collection will continue until the township completes its last cycle beginning December 1. Each cycle through the 174 miles of roadway takes about 17 days.

Residents again this year will be able to track progress by going to the road department on the township website. There you can find a  township map divided into 23 grids. Locate the property you’re interested in and call the township leaf-collection hotline at 419-517-1620. A recording, updated daily, will inform you where the collection has taken place and where crews are expected to be working next.

Rob Nash, manager of the road department, said a strict schedule is difficult to maintain because when the most leaves will fall can’t be predicted with much accuracy and because rain and snow can delay efforts to pick up the leaves.

“Collecting a pile of dry leaves is a lot easier than when that pile is soggy with rain, and sometimes frozen in places,” he said.

Some property owners have begun to make the chore a little easier on township crews by using a mulching mower and simply mowing over the fallen leaves to provide nutrients to their lawns over the winter.

Several studies have found it is a beneficial way of dealing with fallen leaves as well as providing  lawn enrichment,

Leaves cleared from the yard should be placed alongside, but not in the roadway.

Much of the collecting is done using large vacuums which can be fouled if sticks, garden waste or other matter is in the leaf pile. The road department asks that you not use plastic bags and be sure the leaf pile does not include anything but leaves


Written by: Mike Jones, Public Information Officer

Posted: October 9, 2019

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