In mid-November, Rob Nash, superintendent of roads for Sylvania Township, said he hoped for about three days between what was then the height of leaf collection and the time when crews had to get out for snow and ice control on township roads.

A month later, he laughed saying his department got about 30 seconds.

The hoped-for time span, he said, is used to refit trucks from the collection duties and get plows and other items on the trucks. He added that a three-day span also allows for test driving the vehicles to be sure the equipment works and to drive some of the routes, looking for any obstructions.

Although there was almost no time to prepare for the early December snowfall of about 10 inches, Mr.Nash said the crews were able to get on the roadways and stay even with the storm even though it required 16-hour shifts.

“Our guys did a really good job, and we got a number of compliments from residents”.

He told trustees that the problem was somewhat compounded by the fact that this year leaves fell about two weeks later than normal.

That left some houses with large piles of leaves which were suddenly covered in snow.

Mr. Nash said that after clearing the streets, crews resumed picking up leaves. He said large piles could be identified, but smaller groupings were likely covered by snow and weren’t noticed.

Along with compliments there were some complaints about the piles of snow created by the plows.

He said he understands the complaints, but the number one job is to clear roadways, particularly so emergency vehicles can get through if needed,”There’s only so much you can do with 10 inches of snow,” he said, “It’s got to go somewhere.”

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