New Land Use Plan Introduced

Those hired to develop a new land use plan for Sylvania Township hope to include information and general thought on aspects of that plan from residents as well as people from the City of Sylvania and the surrounding area.

Glen Grisdale of Reveille, a planning and economic development firm and a co-manager of the project, told a group attending the first public meeting for the project that the development team intends to utilize public opinion in the process.

A land use plan is used as a guide for, among other things, determining zoning issues in the future. They generally describe areas best utilized for commercial purposes, residential areas and green space.

In addition to broad concepts it is likely this plan will also delve into specifics such as the appearance of roadways used to enter and exit the community. As well as possibilities for expanding pedestrian use and bicycle use on township routes.

Mr. Grisdale also mentioned the possibility of suggesting the distance and types of buffers between different zoning districts.

In an effort to elicit information, the planners have developed an 18-question survey which is available on the township’s home page. An outline of Mr. Grisdale’s presentation is also available on the home page.

He noted that the current land use plan for the township was developed in 2007 and at that time real estate sales had been climbing, but they fell soon after. That had an impact on planning issues.

He said this plan will be in line with current market trends, residential preferences and available resources.

The final document will be presented to the Sylvania Township trustees for their approval.

Mr. Grisdale said that plans which are proposed in the final approved document will identify individuals, departments, and agencies  responsible for carrying out those plans.

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