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There has been a surge in requests to the Sylvania Township planning and zoning office for permits for the construction of single-family homes which has resulted in a near doubling of the number issued as of the end of July compared to last year.

Karlene Henderson, manager of the planning and zoning office told trustees at a recent board meeting that the number of permits issued this year, as of the end of July had reached 88, a 95 percent increase over the total of 45 permits which had been issued by the end of July in 2017.

She noted that the office has had something of a watch in recent years to see if the total will reach 100 and it appears that this year that mark will be met.

Neal Mahoney, chairman of the trustees, said after the meeting that he was pleased with that number.

He noted that the township has superior basic services and that the community as a whole offers numerous amenities which makes living in the township desirable.

The 100 mark in permits was hit in 2016, with the total dropping somewhat last year to 93.

In the recent past, the high was 134 in 2006, with it plummeting to 28 in 2009 during the financial crises.


Written by: Mike Jones, Public Information Officer

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