Permits Increase–Value Soars

The total number of permits issued this year by the Sylvania Townshp planning office has increased somewhat this year, but the value represented by those permits has nearly doubled.

Through the month of April, the department had issued a total of 126 permits last year, compared to a total of 136 in 2017.

Last year that number represented slightly more than $10 million in value.  This year the permits represent construction of things valued at nearly $30 million.

Permits are issued by the office for everything from construction of new commercial buildings to fences and signs.

Daryl  Graus, manager of the office of planning and zoning, said there is no single large project in the township which is responsible for the increase in valuation, rather increases across the board.

He gathered some information through mid-May. Just in the construction of decks, the number of permits had increased from four in 2016 to 7 this year.  The estimated value of the total went from over $33,000 last year to more than $86,000 this year.

Through mid-May last year the total number of permits issued for signs was 43, at an estimated value of$107,000. There have been fewer permits issued so far this year, at 27, but the value had jumped to $167,000.

In his report to the most recent meeting of the Sylvania Township trustees, Mr. Graus noted that permits for construction of single-family homes had risen from 28 last year to 34 this year.

The number of those permits has been rising slowly, but steadily for several years now, but this year has shown a spike in valuation.

Through April of last year, the estimated value was about $6.5 million, generally in line with the totals of recent years.

This year, through April, that valuation jumped to $12.25 million.

Mr. Graus noted that in that time period last year, one permit had been issued for a house valued at $500,000 or more.

In the same time period this year there have been seven, with two of them valued at a million dollars or more. Those prices resulted in a jump in the average value of a new single-family home in Sylvania Township from $232,142 last year to $360,294 in estimated value this year.

Permits for additions to residences have increased slightly to 11 through mid-May this year compared to 10 at the same time in 2016.

Again, the value has increased significantly.  The total estimated value for the additions last year was $865,000. The permits for additions this year have a value of $1.2 million.

Although there may be no specific reason which can be pointed to to explain the increases, it’s clear that there are a lot of people looking to move to Sylvania Township or in one way or another expand and increase their stake here. 


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