Sylvania Township trustees have approved seeking proposals for the township’s household item pickup service this year and through 2022.

Rob Nash, superintendent of the township road department, said he hoped that by making the contract for a longer term than the usual single event, it will attract more bidders.

Last year the contract went to Archbold Refuse Service which submitted the low bid $365 per ton of household items collected.

The only other bidder was Stevens Disposal & Recycling Services, which submitted a bid of $450 per ton.

Stevens won the contract the prior year with a bid of $400 per ton They had been the only company to submit bids on the job since winning the contract with a bid of $300 in 2016.

Mr. Nash said the attempt to attract more bidders wasn’t meant to be critical of Stevens or Archbold Refuse, adding that they did a good job, but the bidding process was frustrating because of the lack of interest from companies which might be able to perform the work.

He said he had reached out to other firms, but most have regular customers and can’t alter their schedules or have sufficient equipment to add for the township household pickup.

Mr. Nash told trustees that it is his hope that by offering a potential contract with three pickup opportunities, other companies might be prompted to bid on the proposal.

Last year’s one-time sweep through the township resulted in a collection of 120 tons, Mr. Nash noted.

The service for Sylvania Township residents is scheduled this year to begin Sept. 9. In order to not be missed, it is recommended that all items should be placed at the curb or edge of the road the evening of Sept. 8.


Written by:  Mike Jones, Public Information Officer

Published Date:  February 12, 2020

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