Police Department Developing a Survey

The Sylvania Township police department is working with a Lourdes University professor to develop a community survey to determine residents attitudes toward the department.

Deputy Chief Ray Carroll told Sylvania Township trustees that there may be practices by police that the public doesn’t approve of or doesn’t understand.

“There may be things the public would prefer we concentrate on or have suggestions of doing some things differently. It’s meant to elicit the public’s attitude toward our policing of the township,” he said.

He is working with Dr. Terry Keller at Lourdes to develop the survey and it is likely that students there will help compile the results.

The chief added that he hopes to then have a town hall meeting to discuss issues with the community.

He told trustees that he has been in contact with a police chief in Connecticut who oversaw a similar project.

Deputy Chief Carroll was told that the first survey didn’t get a lot of response, but on the second try there was much more community input and that the process was helpful.


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