Police Survey Results

A recent survey designed for Sylvania Township residents showed a whopping positive result of nearly 95 percent in response to the question “Is the Sylvania Township Police Department responsive to your needs?”.

The outcome of the survey was recently forwarded to the department by Dr. Terry Keller, dean of the college of social sciences at Lourdes University. He oversaw the project.

Deputy Chief Ray Carroll said the idea behind the survey was to find out how the department is perceived by the public and what issues were of primary concern to residents.

With that information, he said, the department may be able to alter to some extent its practices to meet those needs.

The department is undergoing a change at the top, but the results of the survey will no doubt be on the desk of newly-named chief when Paul Long begins his duties in the middle of this month.

The survey was available last summer in both paper and electronic versions.

A total of 313 people took the survey, though only 212 fully completed it. Respondents were about evenly split by gender and the age group most represented were people aged 40-49. The second highest age group was 50-59, which together made up about half of those who took the survey.

In terms of crime in the area, respondents reported concern for burglary and vandalism to homes as well as solicitors approaching homes. Drug offenses and drivers speeding through neighborhoods or otherwise operating recklessly were also of concern, according to a report from the university.

Those taking the survey were asked if they had had direct contact with the department in the last three years and almost 60 percent said they had. Although direct contact with an officer is sometimes based on something unpleasant, “respondents showed a largely positive perception of the department in that…94.1 percent of them were treated with respect and in a professional manner,” according to the survey.

One phase of police work which some mentioned could be improved would be to increase the number of patrols through neighborhoods.


Written by: Mike Jones, Public Information Officer

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