A request for a variance on the size of a lot  needed for a pond was recommended for approval recently, in part, because officials are currently considering changing the requirement.

Sylvania Township and most other zoning departments require a lot of at least five acres for a pond to be on the property

Daryl Graus, manager of the township’s planning and zoning office, told members of the board of zoning appeals that after looking into the question, the requirement seems based more on tradition than anything else.

The issue arose from the request of Gregory and Debbie Harsh, of 4720  Mitchaw Rd. for the 3.3 acre lot south of their house.

Mr. Harsh said the primary reason for the variance was to dig a hole which would result in a pond, but would be done primarily to take the dirt to the front of the property where the couple plan to build a house.

Because of a water problem due to  low elevation, the applicants were granted an identical variance in 2010 for their current home, next door to the lot in question.
The request for a variance to the 5-acre requirement by Mr. and Mrs. Harsh,   Mr. Graus said, is the most recent in a number of requests for pond-related variances.

He told members of the board that he is likely to submit a proposed amendment to the zoning code recommending a three-acre requirement. That will fist go to the Lucas County Plan Commission for a recommendation.

The board granted the variance to Mr. and Mrs. Harsh.

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