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Sylvania Township Fire Chief Michael Ramm wrote a letter of commendation recently for the quick actions of two police officers for their part in responding to a report of a woman drowning in a backyard pool.

The chief noted that Sylvania Township police officer William Tollison was on patrol when he heard the dispatcher’s report sending the Sylvania Township fire department and a unit from the Sylvania City police department to the scene.

Although as a township officer he had not been dispatched to the scene in the city, officer Tollison was nearby and in fact was the first safety unit to arrive, Chief Ramm’s letter described the officer’s action of leaving his gun and equipment belt on the pool deck and jumping into the water.

Shortly after he had gotten to the woman and was holding her head above water, officer Zachary Andrzejewski arrived at the pool.
He also ditched his gun and equipment belt on the deck and entered the pool.

Chief Ramm’s letter noted the as officer Tollison performed CPR, officer Andrzejewski maintained a clear airway and the Sylvania Township fire department then arrived to continue efforts and to transport the victim to Toledo Hospital.

The chief praised the officers’ “quick and determined actions,’ in the situation.


Written by: Mike Jones, Public Information Officer

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