All meetings are held at Sylvania Township Hall, 4927 N. Holland-Sylvania Road. Please contact Township offices at (419) 882-0031 to verify date and time. Click here to view main Calendar for meetings.

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Here you can pull up information from Township meetings including minutes, resolutions and motions. As you can see below there are three tabs with each category being marked. We are beginning with these three categories and in the near future we want to add zoning records. You will be able to search minutes starting in 1970 thru to the present, motions from approximately 2004 to the present and Resolutions starting in 1994 to the present. Prior to these dates the Resolutions and Motions were part of the minutes and not separate documents.

If you are looking for minutes please click on the “MINUTE” Tab and put the estimated date of the minutes you are looking for. Also let the system know if it is a regular meeting or special meeting as this helps in the search. If you are looking for a Resolution click the Tab marked “RESOLUTION” There are three ways to find what you are looking for. If you know the Resolution number, put it into the area that ask for the number. If you are not sure of the number but have some idea of the date, put the starting date and ending date in the slots marked “From Date” and “To Date”. If you are unsure of the number or dates, us the Key Word Slot and put the appropriate key words of what you are looking for. The tab “MOTION” works the same way as the Resolution Tab.




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