It’s been a long road, pretty literally, for Curtis Snapp who will soon retire after 29 years of service with the Sylvania Township road department.

Mr. Snapp’s long career and his dependability were recognized recently at a meeting of the Sylvania Township trustees.

It’s been a lot of years of clearing township roads of snow and spreading salt, collecting leaves from those same roadways, patching streets, rebuilding curbs, catch basins and all of the work which keeps the department employees busy every day.

It’s also been a lot of years of anticipating the late night or early morning phone call that would pull him out of bed to begin plowing
because of a snowstorm or sometimes tend to a tree blown across a road during a wind storm.

Even those phone calls, Mr. Snapp said, “come with the job. I knew that when I signed on. The job’s to keep the roads safe and in good shape,”

Road superintendent, Rob Nash, told the trustees that in 29 years, Mr. Snapp had used a total of 30 sick days. He added that many of those had come in the last year or so as Mr. Snapp made arrangements for his retirement.

In 1990, Mr. Snapp had worked as a truck driver and in landscaping at Sylvania Country Club when a relative told him there was an opening in the Sylvania Township road department. “I had the skills they wanted and I got the job.”

Through all the seasons, he said, he enjoyed the different tasks that each one held. Overall that time his coworkers, “have been good guys. They know what they’re doing. It’s been a good job. I’ve enjoyed it.”

Mr. Nash said, “Curtis is always here. He’s ready to get the job done.” About those early-morning emergency situations, when he has to call in workers. There are no complaints. “Curtis is my rock,” Mr. Nash said.

While spending so many hours working for the township, Mr. Snapp has maintained an interest in S & S Landscape, a local business started by his father and now operated by his son. Mr. Snapp has primarily worked on mechanical issues with the company’s trucks, lawn mowers, etc.

He said he may expand his workload with the company and he will continue his duties as a deacon at Sylvania’s St. Joseph Catholic Church.

But for now, it’s enough to think about his and his wife’s annual trip to Clearwater, Fla.


Written by: Mike Jones, Public Information Officer

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