David Simko, Sylvania Township fiscal officer, praised department leaders and employees for “sensitivity to public money” in watching spending and bringing in each department under the amount budgeted for expenses last year.

Mr. Simko pointed out that the township’s revenues are generally set each year, but it is in curtailing expenses that the township can operate within its budget.

Over recent years, Mr. Simko said there has been a shared understanding and sense of cooperation between management and employees and that being open and candid when department budgets are set and through the year has led to good results.

He added that the administration doesn’t use an earlier amount of spending to influence budget limits.

“In some places, administrations will say something like, ‘well, you didn’t need that much last year,’ and they’ll resist any attempt at setting a higher budget for the next year. That makes department heads almost scramble to spend to their budget limit for a given year.

“We don’t do that. When budgets are set, we consider department requests based on that year’s needs only,” he added.

Through the end of last year, general fund expenditures were $1.65 million, or 83 percent of the budgeted amount.

The road and bridge fund spent $2.7 million, or 81 percent; the police fund spent $7.4 million, or 94 percent and the fire fund spent $8.6 million, or 95 percent.

“All of the major funds have been trying to watch how we spend money” Mr. Simko said, “and I think it looks good.”


Written by:  Mike Jones, Public Information Officer

Published Date:  January 30, 2020


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