Susan Wood Retires

At the end of this month,  Susan Wood, assistant administrator and human resources director for Sylvania Township, will retire.

According to John Zeitler, administrator, she has been “tremendous.”

“She helped train me,” he said of the time in November, 2010, when he moved from being budget director of Lucas County to take the township position.

He seemed to run out of words as he specified attributes such as “knowledgeable,” “steady,”  “immensely helpful,” etc. which he said he and the township have benefited from.

The energetic Ms. Wood has helped run the day to day workings of the township since February, 2003.

When asked what the future might hold, she said she had recently told someone they might someday see her selling popcorn at a movie theater.

That thought may not come to pass, but it’s time for a change.

“I’ve been doing  this for 42 years,” she said with a gesture to her desktop covered with papers and government forms.

It falls to Ms. Wood to deal with insurance companies, labor unions, and others who have dealings with the township.  

Discussing the complexities of some relationships with other entities, she could lead her to yet another possible job.

She said how cool it might be to work in the floral section at Kroger’s “and be surrounded by beautiful flowers.”

Unquestionably adept and able, Ms. Wood is clearly beginning to see a word full of opportunities away from a paper-filled desktop.

She is a graduate of Northwest State Community College and began in private industry as a human resources manager for an automotive company.

She  became clerk of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners in 1997 and served in that capacity until coming to work for Sylvania Township.

She and her husband have a daughter and two grandchildren in Findlay. As well as another daughter and a son in Arizona, and a grandson there.

Although any future jobs may be products of her imagination now, trips to see the children and grandchildren will happen, “and if I feel like staying for a month, I can.” she said.


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