Sylvania Township Finances In Order

The final accounting for the Sylvania Township budget is in for last year and once again David Simko, fiscal officer, praised the work of department managers as well as all employees for working well within the 2016 budget.

He noted that the revenue portion of the budget is generally taken from the Lucas County Auditor based on an estimate of what the township is likely to receive from tax collections over the course of a year.

The four township departments collected slightly over those estimates this year, he noted.

Where township managers and employees can make a difference in the overall budget is in watching 

expenditures and keeping them to a minimum over the course of a year, he said.

Each of the four departments were under budget for expenditures in 2016, he said, and praised the cooperative attitude within township government for that result.

Mr. Simko said some entities take an almost punitive approach when departments come in under budget. 

“When they look to the next year’s budget and think that department didn’t need that much last year, so we will give them less for the coming year.

“We don’t do that.”

He said the fiscal department sits down with department heads each year and hammers out the budget for the coming year based on the projected needs of each department.

Last years expenditures by department and percentage of the budget are: general fund, $1,759,983, 82.9%, road and bridge fund, $2,369,355, 77.4%, police fund, $6,678,521, 91.7% and fire fund, $7,453,233, 90.4 %.


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