Trail Open!

In brief remarks before a ribbon was cut marking the new western end of the University-Parks trail at Silica Road, Neal Mahoney, Sylvania Township trustee, noted that among other things,  the trail extension adds to the recreational connectivity afforded to the public.

He noted that a bike rider can take the trail from Silica to the campus of the University of Toledo and not have to share the roadway with vehicles.

Mr. Mahoney referred to a land-use plan recently completed for Sylvania Township in which citizens listed parks and connectivity high on their wish lists.

He and others who made brief comments noted that the addition is important for itself, but also as a step in extending the trail further west.  The general idea is to continue the trail along Ten Mile Creek until it reaches Herr Road.

From there it can go north to connect with trails at Sylvan Prairie Park and/or southwest to Secor Metropark. The extension officially opened by the ribbon cutting runs from King Road for a distance of about 0.6 miles to Silica Road.

The change creates a path totaling about 7 miles from its other end near the Dorr Street entrance to the eastern end of the UT campus.

The construction is along the northern end of the long-closed King Road Dump, which was fenced-off years ago after it was deemed unsafe due to hazardous materials discarded there over the years.

The northern end of the old dump has been deemed safe for use as a bike trail and new fencing has been erected to keep people from entering the main area of toxic waste.


Written by: Mike Jones, Public Information Officer

Posted: July 1, 2019

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