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Zoning Commission Recommends Approval

The Sylvania Township Zoning Commission has recommended approval for zoning changes needed for a proposed housing development on nearly 55 acres on Brint Road just east of Mitchaw.

Mitchell Construction Co. is proposing to build 50 villa-style residences and 114 single-family homes on the property.

The commission recommended approving a request for residential planned unit development for about 15 acres of the site beginning at Brint. 

That is the portion of the land which is intended for villa construction.

Steven Miller, the developer, said the villas will be detached single-unit buildings.

They also recommended approval of a zoning change from a planned unit development to residential for the northerly remaining 40 acres of the project.  The northern border of the proposed development abuts Pacesetter Park.

Mr. Miller said he anticipated the price for houses at about $275,000 and in the neighborhood of $200,00 for the villas.

Mary Himmelein, chairman of the commission, said it has been years since she has seen a housing development of this size come before the commission.

The staff of the planning commission recommended approval because the proposed development is compatible with surrounding residential uses, is consistent with the township land use plan, and will have minimal adverse impact on the area.

The proposal will next be heard by the Sylvania Township trustees who will make the final decision on the requested zoning changes.


Written by: Mike Jones, Public Information Officer

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