Sylvania Township trustees have passed a resolution adopting a property maintenance code which generally is meant to keep up the appearance of structures in the township.

An earlier draft of the proposed code was first presented to the trustees in August who suggested at that time that the code be held for a time for any comment from citizens.

Both trustees John Jennewine and Neal Mahoney said they had been contacted by citizens and home owners associations favoring the institution of such a code.

The code applies only to the exterior of properties and addresses things such as pealing paint, fallen or hanging gutters and other signs of poor maintenance.

Currently the township’s planning and zoning office has no authority to address those issues, according to Daryl Graus, manager of the office.

Dean Boyers, compliance officer for planning and zoning, told trustees he fields many calls from people complaining about the appearance of houses and other structures, but has to tell them the township has no authority in that area.

He said the township as been able to enforce limits on uncut grass and weeds, but  hasn’t been able to address problems that indicate a state of disrepair for structures,

Mr. Graus noted that about 75 percent of Ohio’s 30 urban home-rule townships like Sylvania Township have adopted some level of property maintenance standards.


Written by:  Mike Jones, Public Information Officer

Published:  January 11, 2022

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