Drug Take-Back Day

Sylvania Township police collected 141 lbs. of potentially dangerous prescription medications during the recent Drug Take-Back Day, coordinated locally by the Sylvania Community Action Team.

Lieutenant Sarah Toth, of the township police, said the take-back day saw a steady stream of residents throughout the day and described it as “sweet.”

“We had a lot of people thank us generally for our service and specifically for the drug collection program.” 

One lady, she said, had lost her husband and until recently had not been able to get rid of some of the old prescription medications.

The lieutenant added that the weight of prescription drugs collected did not include the weight of pill bottles or other containers.

Maria Hoschak-Gagnon, executive director of SCAT, said it is difficult to compare the collection of drugs this year to prior collections.

The pandemic put a halt to the program last April and the township and Sylvania City police combined their efforts later last year.

Most recently, in October 2019, the Sylvania Township police collected 36.4 lbs. of prescription drugs.

The program had seen a drop-off in medications disposed of on take-back day after a bin for collecting them at any time was installed at police headquarters, 4420 King Rd.

Lt. Toth said that the bin had been inaccessible for a time when the pandemic caused the department to close its doors to visitors.

She was quick to point out that those doors are open now and people who become aware of out-of-date or otherwise unneeded drugs in their home should bring them to the department and put them in the bin in the building’s lobby.


Posted: April 30, 2021
Written by: Mike Jones, Public Information Officer

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