Earlier his month, the Sylvania Township Road Department completed its job of making three sweeps collecting leaves from along the township roadways, a task which was in question earlier in the process.

Rob Nash, superintendent of the road and service department, said this season trees dropped their leaves earlier than usual making progress slower. He also noted that it was more difficult than usual to hire temporary workers to help with the task.

Although the pace had been slowed at the outset, the workers of the road department made progress and were into the second sweep of the 174 miles of roadways when December snows came along. The snow wasn’t so much a hindrance to leaf collection, but it forced Mr. Nash to take trucks away from that task and outfit them for spreading salt, particularly at busy intersections.

The start of the third sweep of the township began Dec. 21, as opposed to the earlier scheduled date of Nov. 30. Mr. Nash said there were some difficulties because in many instances the leaves had frozen together,  The advantage for the third sweep was that due to the early leaf fall and the earlier work by the crews, there were fewer leaves to collect than would normally be on the roadways for the third sweep.


Written by: Mike Jones, Public Information Officer
Published: January 13, 2021

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