Sylvania Township has several projects scheduled throughout the 2021 construction season, including 4.28 miles of road resurfacing. All projects are tentative and have many variables that could prevent, slow or delay them. This list does NOT include projects on County or State roads that lie within the Township.

Road Resurfacing:
Corey Road (Central Avenue to Overpass), Springbrook (Southpoint to City Limit), Deer Point Subdivision, Forest Lawn (Sylvania to Homerdale), Wind River Dr., Dovewood Ln. (Big Bend Ct. and North of), Wimbledon Park Bl (King Rd. to 2568 Wimbledon Park Bl) Britania Ct., Farmington, Northbrook, Sturbridge, Cross Fields, Fox Hill, Artwell Rd, Hyssop Ave, Janet (West of Whiteford), Calvin Ave, Estess Ave, River Hills Ln., and Covert Rd.

Concrete Curb and Cross Walk Improvements:
Whitewood Ln., Sulgrave Dr., Cloister Ct., Wind River Dr., Dovewood Ln., Sulgrave Dr., Runnymede Ln., Springwater Dr., Cloister Ct., Jimson Ct., Mary Creek Ln., Bear Creek Dr., Waterford Village Subdivision, Twelve Lakes, and Berkshire Village.

Storm Sewer Basin Repairs:
Clean out or brush removal include: Holt Rd Culvert extension / Ten Mile Creek Branch ditch enclosure, Hill Ditch Erosion control, Hasty Road ditch enclosure, There are over 50 catch basin repairs located throughout the Township. These crews are small and impose minimal traffic restrictions.


 “Road Construction” is a temporary inconvenience creating long term improvements.  I am very pleased to announce that the Sylvania Township Trustees and the Lucas County Engineers Office have scheduled numerous projects for the area starting in April and completing later this summer or fall.  Collectively, these projects are estimated at several millions of dollars.  The projects consist of road resurfacing and drainage improvements; and range from residential, commercial, and main arterial roadways.  This means plenty of orange barrels!

The key purpose of our resurfacing program is to maintain the Township and county roadway system of 162 miles of roads.  Our primary objective is to achieve a reliable transportation infrastructure system to facilitate public safety, commerce and public convenience.  Additional goals include the preservation of our neighborhoods, property values, community and quality of life.  With this in mind, our Road Department, urges all motorists to please exercise caution and patience when entering, exiting and traveling through constructions zones.The Residential road resurfacing project alone consists of over 2 miles of roadways.  Also, the Lucas County Engineers Office has scheduled several road improvement projects for the main-arterial roadways in the Township.

Please remember when entering a work zone area to reduce travel speed and obey road work signage and flagman.

Thank you.

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