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Leaf Pickup

Household Pick-up (COMPLETE) AND the Fall Brush Pick-Up BOTH start on September 12.
– Both pick-ups are ONE-TIME and crews WILL NOT return. 
– Crews may not begin in the same zone due to different crews.
– Remember to NOT mix brush with household pick-up items.
– See below for the tracker and additional information.


The Board of Sylvania Township Trustees will offer a Household Pickup of selected items listed below. This service is available to Township residents only.

The Household Pickup is scheduled to start Monday, September 12, 2022. Crews will provide one (1) pass through the community. To avoid being missed, all items should be placed at the curb or edge of the road by SUNDAY, September 11, 2022.

The Household Pickup service is limited to the following items:
Books / Paper – must be bundled
Carpeting, cut and rolled no longer than 5 feet
Containers / Drums – must be empty
Appliances, without refrigerants
Furniture, mattress & box springs (legs over 12” separated)
Miscellaneous (non-hazardous) loose material is placed in a disposal container.
Do not mix with brush or leaves. Removal of all other items is NOT provided with this service.

Have an item to get rid of that isn’t listed? Check out the following link for disposal options: 2021 Recyclers List




Track where crews are/have been by utilizing our grid tracker.

The Road Department offers a semi-annual Brush Pickup for Township residents. Spring brush pickup will begin on April 18.  This is a week later than previous years to provide residents additional time to get their brush out.  Fall brush pickup begins September 12.

Each Pickup is a “one (1) time only” pickup. This service consists of removing piles of storm-damaged brush and leaves, such as branches and tree limbs, this service does not include tree removal. Therefore, we request all residents to place their storm-damaged brush and leaves along the edge of the roadway in separate piles before the scheduled pickup. Do not place piles in the roadway or gutter area. We service over 174 miles of roadway which requires several days to complete the pickup.

Tree Removal, lot clearing, and grass clippings material are prohibited. Brush should not exceed 6 feet in length and 6 inches in diameter.
Please Note: Private Recycling Facilities are available at the following locations:
  • Clean Wood Recycling, 419-843-9663, 6505 West Bancroft Street, between Interstate I-475 and McCord Road.
  • A&J Landscape, 419-842-8733, 8061 Sylvania Avenue, between King Road and Centennial Road.


Leaf Pickup HotLine 419-517-1620 (fall season only)
Call the Hot Line for daily and weekly route information. There are 23 geographical grids in the Township.

The tracker is updated when crews go INTO an area and once they leave. See what grid you are in by zooming in and out of the map.

See what grid you are in by zooming in and out of the map.


The Fall Season Leaf Pickup starts Monday, October 17, and is performed on a patrol basis. During peak times one cycle through the Township requires 17(+/-) days. Depending on weather conditions, our goal is to perform at least three (3) pickup cycles.  Leaves should be placed at the curbside or along the edge of the street, free of brush and garden waste allowing our crews to work efficiently.  Crews are unable to pick up leaves mixed with brush and other items. Place your leaves away from obstacles such as mailboxes, fire hydrants, landscaping timbers, and landscaping rocks. These obstacles can cause injury to our employees, equipment, and reduce efficiency.


Other Drop-Off Locations in the area:

A&J Landscape, 419-842-8733, 8061 Sylvania Ave, between King Rd and Centennial Rd

CleanWood Recycling, 419-843-9663, 6505 West Bancroft Street, between Interstate I-475 and McCord Rd.

Leaf Pickup Facts:

The Township’s leaf pickup program services 138.23 miles of residential roads, 30.81 miles of County roads, 10.29 miles of State Highways, and 3.51 miles of Interstate miles, all totaling 182.84 miles of roadways. Our community’s landscape consists of largely wooded areas. (Sylvania is Latin for “Wooded Area”)

These trees are very beautiful and a true nature’s jewel, until the leaves drop and fall to the ground. Unfortunately, Mother Nature decides when the leaves fall, and some years the leaves drop late in the season and all at once. The “softwood” trees drop their leaves the earliest. As the leaves fall, the Road Department devotes its entire staff to operate 5 crews during the leaf pickup season.

Each crew consists of two (2) full-time employees and one (1) or two (2) part-time/temporary employees. Early snowfalls and above average rain are two factors that spell trouble for leaf pickup. These attributes cause the leaves to become saturated and “heavy” to pick up, thus causing inefficiencies. Our preferred and most efficient method of picking up leaves is utilizing the “vacuum tow behind” type of equipment. Recently, we hired private contractors with front loader buckets and dump trucks to assist our leaf pickup efforts. We are aware that it is frustrating waiting for your neighborhood pickup and appreciate your patience.

Leaf Pickup Hot Line 419-517-1620 (fall season only)


To report a street that has been missed by the snowplow operator, please call the following:
During business hours: 419-882-0031, extension 1503
After business hours: Police Dispatcher 419-882-2055

Sylvania Township Road Department’s top priorities in a snowstorm are plowing Township roadways and clearing fire department & police station parking lots, which may require several trips along the same route.

Snow plowed from roadways may end up blocking residential driveways. We recognize the inconvenience, however, due to the nature of clearing snow-covered roadways; we plow snow to the curbside of the street.

To reduce the amount of snow that might block your driveway, shovel an open area along the shoulder at the entrance (see illustration below). Plow blades will then push snow into the area just before your driveway, leaving a much smaller amount in front it.

Please heed the snow advisories and other warnings issued by the Township, county, or state agencies.

Remember bridges and ramps freeze first and may be especially difficult to navigate.

Never pass a snowplow or salt truck, especially a plow train! Plow trains are groups of trucks that form a line across the lanes to clear snow. Operators may not see you or your car may get caught on a snow-covered plow edge. In addition, driving will be much easier if you stay at least 25 feet, or three car lengths, behind the snow emergency vehicle.

Do not abandon your vehicle. The safest place to wait for help is in your car. If your car breaks down, move your vehicle as far off the roadway as possible and lift the hood. Try to leave a distress signal, such as a scarf, hanging from the window. Please remember, when you abandon your vehicle, it may be subject to towing, ticketing and/or a fine.
Remember, when shoveling snow from your driveway; create a pile away from the roadway. A good rule is to shovel to the right when facing the street. However, keep in mind that the important thing is not to shovel the snow onto an area that will simply be plowed back onto the driveway when the state, county or Township snowplows come through.


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