Sylvania Township residents woke up to a blanket of snow Tuesday, but with roadways pretty much clear without dangerously slick conditions.

That circumstance began Monday when Rob Nash, superintendent of the roads department, made a decision to pull five of the nine trucks busy with leaf collection back into the garage to be fitted for snow and ice control.

He said he was a little reluctant to do it, “but our highest priority during snow season is to maintain safe roadways.”

The reluctance came from the fact that leaf collection is currently behind where he hoped it would be, “but safe roads are more important and the leaves will still be there and we’ll get back to them.”

Monday afternoon, although the snow was not yet accumulating, the five tucks were out spreading salt on the main roads through Sylvania Township.   

That application was made as an attempt to retard any ice and snow accumulation overnight, he said. He added that at that time there had been predictions of up to 5 inches of snow possible by Tuesday morning.

Although the accumulation was significantly below that, “we can’t afford to ignore the weather forecasters,” Mr. Nash added.

There was enough snow coming down at 3:30 a.m., that Mr. Nash called for the five trucks and drivers to return to Sylvania Township roads and begin clearing them, “We wanted to be sure people had safe roads when they had to get to work or wherever it was they had to go,” Mr. Nash said.    


Written by: Mike Jones, Public Information Officer

Posted: December 3, 2020

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