Board of Trustees – June 6 & 20 @ 5PM

BZA – June 5 @ 5PM       ZC – June (canceled)


Zoning Compliance

The Planning & Zoning Department administers the Sylvania Township Zoning Resolution.  It is through the enforcement of the  Zoning Resolution that the township ensures that any uses proposed or currently existing on a parcel is compliant with the Official Zoning  Map and adopted Zoning Resolution.  This Resolution, as provided for in the Ohio Revised Code makes certain the requirements for a property are abided by, such as building setbacks, allowable signage, vehicle parking, and locations of accessory structures and that all of the prescribed rules of the Zoning Resolution are being adhered to. Appropriate measures are taken to address zoning violations that are considered to be  nuisance related that possess noxious conditions, and/or are unsightly whereas the conditions obstruct the reasonable and comfortable use of ones property. The Resolution does not permit high grass, disabled vehicles, waste, junk, or debris. Our preferred method to achieve compliance is to work with property owners to seek voluntary compliance whenever possible.

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