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Sylvania Township Administration - Sylvania Township is one of the eleven townships in Lucas County, Ohio. As of 2010 the township had a total population of 48,487, making it the second most populous county subdivision in Lucas County, the third most in northwest Ohio and the 8th most populous township in Ohio. The township is governed by a three member Board of Trustees, a Fiscal Officer and a full-time Administrator. There are seven main departments: Administration, Fire, Police, Road, Fiscal, Zoning and Service. The boundaries of Sylvania Township changed in 1867 when the Lucas County Commissioners set apart property within the boundaries of Sylvania Township to establish the Village of Sylvania, which in 1960 became the City of Sylvania.

Sylvania Township's Fiscal Department is responsible for the accounting of all funds which the township receives and pays out. From the township payroll to office supplies, the administration of the fiscal  department keeps a close eye on township funds, along with the township's elected fiscal officer. Working with the administrator and other department heads, the fiscal department is responsible for the presentation of the annual budget for approval by the township trustees. It also cautiously invests any available money for additional income. A department philosophy is that consistent small savings township-wide can result in substantial savings in each fiscal year.

Sylvania Township Community - Sylvania Township enchants all ages and lifestyles because of its high quality of life. We believe an excellent education system is the foundation for a successful community. The Sylvania School District has 12 elementary, jr high and high schools with 1 private Catholic school, 4 area colleges and universities and various places of worship to enrich the overall community spirit. Great health care services are another key component to this vibrant community. The nearby Flower Hospital provides top notch services and for emergency services, the dedicated full time police and fire department put the community's needs first.

Sylvania Township Police Department - The first duty of the Sylvania Police Department is to enforce the law, but the 45 sworn police officers also actively work to build relationships with residents, businesses and institutions in the community. Among a number of examples, the department provides safety instruction for pre-kindergarten youngsters, a program in the schools warning of the dangers of alcohol and other drug use, and a program for adults which is a condensed police training academy. 

Sylvania Township Fire Department - The Sylvania Township Fire Department is responsible for protecting the community from the danger of fire and for providing the highest quality emergency medical service. A total of 56 firefighter-paramedics and lieutenants are assigned around the clock to the township's four fire stations. The department also places a high priority on its work with individuals, businesses and others in on-going fire-prevention activities. All of the services of the department are equally available to the City of Sylvania.

Sylvania Township Roads  - Sylvania Township consists of over 130 miles of roadway.  The Roads / Service Department administers operations of roadway maintenance, resurfacing projects, as well as Cemetery and Fleet Maintenance. Other primary duties include scheduled collections of brush and leaves, and snow and ice control services. 

Sylvania Township Zoning  - The Zoning and Development Department is committed to maintaining the quality of life many citizens desire, whether they are residents of the Township or simply visitors. This office is responsible for the enforcement of the Zoning Resolutions, overseeing all land use activities, review and issuance of zoning permits, and the investigation and abatement of violations. Records of permits, all official actions taken, site plans, and copies of meeting minutes are available for public review.

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